Friday, November 4, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo 100 goals in real madrid fc

Cristiano Ronaldo 100 goals in real madrid
cristiano ronaldo celebrates his goal is to make real madrid 100. two goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in Champions league against lyon yesterday made ​​himselfscored 100 goals for real madrid. two goals are in print through free kicks and penalties. Cristiano Ronaldo did not expect that he will score 100 goals for realmadrid so quickly.Cristiano ronaldo at real Madrid fc is very impressive.proved heearnedhis gold shoes. Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Boot last season he scored 40 goals in the Spanish league. two goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in match yesterday against real madrid lyon create advanced to the next round of league champions and delete history can never win at home lyon.

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